The latest obsession…Lace

Lace has been a popular choice of fabric for centuries. With evidence of it dating back to to the early 16th century, the many varieties of lace that exists has evolved.

630554cde503734cf243688750b6236c 64313c3213024053faef236cc319c910 Lace has always dominated clothing production, I believe that if history is something to go by; then it will continue to dominate for years to come. It became popular last year with the rise  in sales of lace bralettes, which seems to have transformed into laces bras becoming a popular accessory of 2016.

This beautiful fabric is particularly favoured by brides and wedding dress designers. Which is without doubt, no surprise. Lace is classic. It is elegant. It is simply stunning. It gives this timeless elegance that every bride searches for on their special day. Working as an Events Supervisor at a wedding venue I can easily say that it is by far the most popular style of dress chosen by the blushing brides. And each of them look absolutely stunning.

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This year one item of clothing that appears to be rising in popularity is non-padded lace bras. Now for any of you with smaller boobs like me, these are a god send. Girls with smaller boobs can easily get away with not wearing bras, so these could be classed as more of an accessory rather that necessity.

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One look that I just adore is the low cut, or low arm, baggy t-shirt showing the lace bra. Done in a  way that is leaving something for the imagination not flaunting everything you’ve got.

6914a98c1c15dbc5d9c2997389a39b6e This is the perfect example, pretty, not too much on show styled with a 3 tier necklace. It’s a very simple, laid back look; that is also somewhat flirty and easy for  all girls to achieve!

Lace is a one true love that won’t ever be outdated. I look forward to doing some spring/summer lace purchasing starting with this beauty that is made by my best friends talented sister! Look her up on instagram @_rebeccajaynee

photo 2 (6)


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