Birthday blogging

So it was recently my birthday and it’s safe to say I was spoilt. My friends and family are great. So I thought i’d share with you some of my wonderful new additions to my wardrobe… and jewellery box.

So on the day itself me and my sister ended up hopping on a train to Sheffield to do some much needed shopping.

Birthday shopping attire



So I got this beauty of a denim jacket a few days before my birthday and I absolutely love it.  When talking about denim there is only one brand to go for.Levi. It’s such a great brand, reliable and stylish, you really can’t go wrong.


MAC is without doubt one of the greatest make up brands out there, so of course I couldn’t go shopping without popping into store. The result? one from my sister, one from me.



These beauties are ‘Gel’ and ‘pretty please. They shine like diamonds once on, they aren’t massively full of colour. However they give you that slight tint with extra sparkle.





Also from my sister, this beautiful bardot top from Miss Selfridge. Stripes and monochrome, the perfect combination.









One of my best friend’s also found this blog handy, I got the cutest little parcel through the post in my favourite wrapping paper too.

She saw my April wishlist post and decided to make my wishes a reality. She got me this beautiful rose pink body con dress from River island and Kylie cosmetics new lip collection ‘Heir’. Not sure how she pulled it off because they sell out so quickly. But, i’m definitely not complaining, because it’s beautiful. And long lasting which is always good.

Here are some more of my lovely gifts:


So I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my special day.

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