Playsuit Perfection

So with summer quickly approaching, it seems about time to crack out the wonderful creation that is playsuits. No matter what mood you’re in I find playsuits to be one of those outfits that suits everyone’s needs.

Whether it is a formal or casual occasion, there is a playsuit out there for you. Personally I love them, if your feeling lazy you can just throw them on with a pair of sandals and you’re ready to go. Or you can dress them up, the possibilities are endless.

Amongst my love for playsuits follows my love for Pinterest; and the two are a great combination. Pinterest allows you to search for absolutely anything, but it pains me when the playsuit I find doesn’t tell me where to buy it from …gutting.

They are a classic look for summer, one which has become incredibly popular amongst teens and young adults.

For anyone that doesn’t know me, i’m obsessed with monochrome. Black, White, grey- perfection. So any outfit choice that has this colour scheme is an automatic yes.

Just some of the examples taken from Pinterest that are absolute must haves this summer. And I will definitely be on the hunt.

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