Miss Everywhere.

So I’ve recently come across a girl who goes by the name Miss Everywhere. She’s from Germany and it seems like she has the perfect life. For any wannabe travelers out there, like me, she epitomizes the word traveler. With 94.7k followers on Instagram her holiday photos put ours to shame. Her Instagram is full on baby blue ocean shots and white sandy beaches, the kind that I can only dream of. And the insane jealousy hits every time she posts a new photo of her next destination.

For example…


If this isn’t enough to make you jealous, then her fashion will definitely do it. She always seems to be photo ready, whether she is just sitting in a hot tub or strolling the streets of a city. Her outfits are just on point.



I took one look at her site and wondered how she does it. Many of you like me must be finding it hard to gather the funds needed to roam the world freely.  My attempt at saving gets washed away on new clothes, but I am getting much better at this whole saving thing. Just looking and her blog has inspired me to dream bigger and actually make my dreams of seeing the world a reality. And I am beyond excited. First stop Italy. In September I will be packing a bag, jumping on a train and heading to Southern Italy- I have 10 days to as much in as possible. I’m thinking Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Positano, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast of course.

Let the saving commence.

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