Day 1: London Bound

So today I set off for London. I was completely packed (or so I thought) and it finally started to feel real. I was going to Italy tomorrow. I grabbed my bags- which were extremely heavy may I add, I probably over packed- and headed for the bus stop. I arrived at the coach station incredibly early, completely overestimating how long it would actually take for the bus to actually get there. But step one was done. I’d made it to the coach station. I got this. I got on the coach and prepared myself for the long long journey ahead of me. It would take approximately 5 or so hours to reach Gatwick airport. 

I had made it in one piece, and having no idea where I was going- I set off in search of Bloc Hotel. After wandering for a while and asking for directions once I had finally made it- glad to put these bags down I half collapsed on the bed. But, there was no time to relax, I went off to find a restaurant and then an early night for me was needed. I ended up at Giraffe restaurant which I had never tried before but I was impressed!! It wasn’t cheap, but the food was so good, and being vegetarian sometimes it isn’t easy. I had a lovely and quite spicy butternut squash curry with sweet potato fries. Washed down with a fresh lemonade. It was great. The. I headed to the room for some rest. Tomorrow would be a very early start. 

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