Review: The bloc hotel

My stay at The Bloc Hotel was amazing. I cannot complain- and it is safe to say that the hotel deserves 5 stars. Now it isn’t the easiest to find- I had to ask for directions, but once I had found it I was impressed. Stepping into the room was like stepping into the future. The whole place so modern and contemporary. Mirrors everywhere- which made the small room seem so much bigger! And which weren’t bad for the occasional selfie.


There was a touch screen panel on the wall which controlled the lights, temperature and even let you check out easily.


The bed was huge, and surprisingly comfortable. The best bit? The waterfall shower. It was perfection. The best treat after a long day of travelling.

My main concern when booking this place was obviously the noise. With it being inside the airport I thought I was guaranteed to get no sleep whatsoever. However, not the case. I could barely hear them at all- bonus!

Cannot recommend this hotel enough. If you need to stay at Gatwick over night then bloc hotel is the place to be.


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