Ludovico Einaudi

So as many of you will not know- I am a classical pianist enthusiast. Of one talented man in particular- Ludovico Einaudi. I was first introduced to him in 2012 by my friend Cookie- who shared his love for classical music with me. And I thank him everyday for it.

For those of you who are Classical newbies- Ludovico tops them all. He started his career as a classical composer after studying at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan and his music created a legend. On a pub night around a month ago I got Cookie and Adam to agree to come see him in Cardiff (safe to say it didn’t take much persuasion) after finding some tickets on Viagogo. As it was a market place, we knew we would be paying more for tickets that weren’t necessarily worth the price. We paid £330 for 3 tickets and then we waited.

The tickets finally came through and I was astounded- original price? £28.50… Not a good start already- but we pushed it aside because he was worth it. The day had finally arrived, we got suited and booted and started the 3 hour road trip down to Cardiff. It was a blast- and we had arrived it time to go and have some dinner at Zizzi’s (we thought it was fitting of the night) which I cannot fault- the food there is spectacular. We made our short walk over to Wales Millenium Centre handed our tickets and were shown to our seats. All I can say is that theatre is pretty cool! And the staff are incredibly helpful.

Our night took a turn for the worst when 2 separate groups of people arrived and said that we were sat in their seats… obviously not ideal! After comparing tickets- we discovered that they both in fact said the same seat numbers. They had tickets bought directly from the venue so we were sent down to the ticket office to figure out what was going on. I was informed by the boys and the staff that the tickets we had were purchased a while ago- and the buyers had gotten a refund, not sent the tickets back so the venue re sold them. Then the seller sold them on to Viagogo- knowing full well they were committing a crime. It is safe to say we were devastated. Me in particular. We had driven all that way- lost £330 on tickets we couldn’t use and thought we weren’t gonna get see him play. Luckily there was a seat left- and 2 standing tickets. So we forked out for some more tickets- Cookie offered to sit by himself and Adam and I stood up. We didn’t care one bit. We got to see him after waiting years for this moment- we had finally made it. By the interval we had completely forgotten about being scammed because we were speechless.

The sheer passion coming from all the musicians was intense. We were stunned by the talent whilst they played through the songs so effortlessly. Ludovico was out of this world- which was no surprise- but I was surprised how good the accompanying instruments were. It just finished off the songs and blended it all together so well. The violinist (Federico Mecozzi) and the Cellist (Redi Hasa) played in perfect harmony it was almost mesmerising. As the show was almost finishing I was praying that he would play my favourite, I Giorni, alas he did not. However, he did play Adam and Cookies favourite so it made up for it. We were in awe. It was an unforgettable night-one that will be treasured as it was his final world tour.




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