Day 2: The Adventure Begins

My day began at 3.55am, after setting what felt like 100 alarms (paranoid much?). As many will know I’m not a morning person- but the early rise was definitely worth it this time. I got ready, re-packed my rucksack and was out the door at 5:10am. The nice thing about staying at the Bloc Hotel is that you literally just have to wander downstairs to check in your bag. With no surprise- my rucksack had to go to oversized luggage… Whoops, but once that was sorted it was time to go through checks. Doing it by myself for the first time ever was a little intimidating as I have this awful tradition of setting the buzzer off every time I fly. This time was no different. Started my morning by being felt up- great. Embarrassing much?


After that little hiccup it was on to duty free- which I swiftly walked through. Too many nice designer items to purchase. I decided it was time for a final good cup of tea before my journey began. I got take out and patiently waited for my gate to be announced. Surprised I had made it that far- I boarded the plane which then ended up being delayed for an hour as 2 ladies got lost in the terminal… not a good start for them! It is safe to say they received a slow clap as they finally boarded the plane. Thankfully the flight was uneventful, I left the plane in search of my baggage. I exited the airport and was immediately hit by warmth- which, living in England is a nice change for September.

I found the taxi rank and headed to Lucas flat- taxi cost 28 euros which wasn’t too bad considering the distance. Lucas’ flat was in a great part of Naples. I was greeted by Madame Rosaria- who did not speak a work of English and I don’t speak a word of  Italian. It’s safe to say there were a lot of hand gestures involved in our communication.  I dumped my bags and headed out excited to explore the wonderful city.

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