Budapest: 2

We aimed to be up at 9 am so that we could fit a lot into the day. It’s safe to say that it didn’t happen- we were far too tired from the day before. But- we managed to be out the door at 11:30. Not exactly an early start. Day 2 was the day that we crossed the Danube and ventured to the other side- Buda. There is so much to see over the other side away from the main city- and the views are spectacular.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is definitely a must see. From the Oktagon it was approximately 45 minute walk- it may seem like a lot, but walking really is the best way to explore as you get to see so much. We saw so much more than we had intended from walking- things we didn’t even know existed! There are 3 bridges you can cross- I suggest Chain bridge, the views from the middle of the bridge are stunning. So stop and take a photo, you won’t regret it. Be warned- there are a lot of stairs to get to most the places on the Buda side, so if you go in summer make sure you take water!

The Fisherman’s Bastion you simply cannot miss if you go. It tends to get quite busy as it is one of the main tourist attractions- the castle part is free to wander around- make the most of it and walk up all the turret paths. Afterwards buy a ticket and enter the cathedral. It was around 1500 forints per person or 1000 if you have a student card so make sure you take it!

The architecture outside was simply amazing- but it was even nicer inside the cathedral.

It is definitely worth a visit if you have the chance, there was also lots of historical facts you can read through- so if you’re a history buff then this is right up your street.

If like us you go in winter, at some point there is doubt you will need to warm up a bit. In the Bastion there is a little café which offers a variety of drinks and snacks. Wait to be seated and make sure you close the door behind you- it gets very cold in there if you don’t!

The soup changes, but if it says pumpkin- try it. It was absolutely divine. The best I’ve had actually! Becca opted for the more traditional Goulash soup. She was impressed with the delicacy- I however couldn’t try it being veggie and all.

After warming up we set off again to see what we could find- we ended up finding some ruins- as well as something that looked like a government building as there were guards stationed outside the front. The views by this building were, shock horror, amazing.

Around this area there were lots of little markets to buy gifts and souvenirs so take some spending money! We bought some gifts then headed back to the apartment to get ready for the events of the evening .

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