Szimpla Kert- Budapest

On the second evening we went back to the ruin bar from the night before. Some friends of mine claimed it to be the best bar in Budapest- and I can’t disagree. If you head onto the Szimpla website you can see all the Szimpla bars, there is one in Berlin too if you fancy taking a look while you’re there. Szimpla Kert opened in 2002, it was transformed from a factory into a bar and open- air cinema which host concerts, theatre shows as well as opening as a bar at night.


For those of you who have never heard of ruin bars- they are abandoned and ruined buildings that have been transformed into dishevelled bars and pubs. They are widely loved amongst the Hungarians being one of the main attractions amongst travellers and locals in the evening.

Szimpla Kert features several different floors and rooms- all with different miss-matching features. The rooms vary, as you walk in on the right there is a bar. The average price of a shot there is 1000 forint, with a single spirit and mixer being 1500 which is approximately £4.30 which is what you can spend in the UK on a drink. They also have a wine and cocktail bar- but be wary of the cocktails- they can be quite strong! which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it. Outside in the smoking area features an old trabant car  which has been turned into seating and a table. The décor is simply one of a kind.

On arrival, be sure that every member has ID, they are quite strict if you look young. Once we got inside, I bought the four of us a drink and we headed in search of somewhere to sit. After wandering around for a while, we finally found a table. After a couple of rounds of drinks we were approached by a lovely Italian man asking us to take a photo of him and his group. We all chatted for a while, his cousin came over too and they asked us to come join them. It’s safe to say we said yes- their Italian accents were simply irresistible. The group were lovely, they had come over new year to celebrate and were leaving the next morning. It was great to get to know them, they made the night very fun. That is one of my favourite things about travelling, and visiting new places- just meeting new people, hearing about their lives and where they are from. It was so much fun.


For some inspiration before you go check out all the ruin bars you can find in Budapest here– but to be sure to definitely go to Szimpla Kert. It wont let you down.

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