Budapest- Szecheyni Thermal Bath

You may or may not know- Budapest apparently sits on 125 thermal springs. Heading to a thermal bath becomes a routine for the locals- but for tourists, it is one of the best attractions to visit. With so many to choose from, you are able to enjoy the ‘healing’ qualities throughout the city. Just from researching, I came across 9 thermal baths, but they are many more. For a quick breakdown of baths to visit click here.

We opted for the largest medicinal bath in Budapest, along with being one of the largest public baths in Europe. Szecheyni Thermal Bath is located in city park- it has 18 pools- many are different temperatures. It took us around 35 minutes to walk there but it was incredibly easy to find. And to get there you have to pass the wonderful war memorial as well as a few museums if you fancy learning about some Hungarian history.


The beautiful ceiling in the entrance


The big yellow building is difficult to miss, and the entrance is easy to get to. Once inside the cash desks are directly next to the door, with a standard entrance fee or 4900 forint- that allows day access with the use of a locker to store all of your belongings.  Which for a whole day only amounts to around £14, which for a spa day in England, we all know is ridiculously cheap. They also offer massages for an added extra. We arrived around midday, so one of the changing rooms and lockers were full- however if you head back out the front door and turn right, on the side of the building there is another entrance with more lockers.

When you go into the changing rooms, make sure to grab a hanger for your clothes. The changing room doors open both sides, little tip- go in, push both doors closed and then pull down the bench- it keeps both doors closed, but it took us a few minutes to figure out so there you go. Make sure you put your wrist band on and head to the lockers- the only slightly annoying thing about it is the lockers have to be opened and closed by members of staff, so if you want to run and grab some money for a drink you have to keep bugging them. It’s not ideal. However, this did not affect the day. Be sure to read the map- so you know how to get to all the pools. I feel like we missed a few and the building is so big it isn’t difficult to miss things. We began inside and tried all the warm pools, some were just too cold for our liking! But- it’s safe to say the best feature of the place has to be the outside. The pools out there were simply amazing.


On either side there were 2 thermal pools with a swimming pool in the middle. The first pool was so hot, which was nice because it was so so cold outside. Getting out of the pools was particularly difficult. But we survived, and we enjoyed the hot waters until 7.30pm. It was such a great day and so relaxing too after all the walking around.


Be sure to spend a day here- by far one of the best parts of the trip.

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