Budapest: Heroes Square

There is so much to see in Budapest- but one thing you should not, and cannot miss is Heroes Square. It is located just before city park at the end of Andrassy Avenue, on the way to the Szecheyni Thermal Bath. Which is how we came across it in the first place, by pure chance. It is simply magnificent. The millennium monument was erected in 1896, to commemorate the 1000 year old history of Hungary. It is one of the most visited sights in Budapest and it is understandable.

If you have the opportunity to visit it in the day and in the evening- take the chance. At night it is glorious.

Don’t forget to check out city park too- there is much to see including the Museum of Fine Arts, Hall of art, Budapest zoo, an outdoor ice rink and of course Szecheyni Thermal Baths. Lots to see and lots to do!

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