Budapest: The Liberty Statue

If you’re heading to Budapest at any point, you simply must see the wonderful sights that it has to offer. One of the main attractions being the Liberty Statue. It is, without a doubt, the most impressive view of Budapest you are likely to get there. img_6798Located on Gellert Hill, the Liberty statue stands tall looking over all of Budapest and providing a prominent feature for the cityscape. Built in 1947, the statue commemorates who sacrificed their lives for the independence and freedom of Hungary.

The statues are breath taking enough- but the view from the top of the hill is… out of this world. You feel like you’re on top of the world. Now from the Oktagon it took us approximately 50 minutes to walk to the hill- that may seem like a while but walking is the best way to see everything! It also gives you the opportunity to take a wander to a shopping area that we would of missed otherwise. It was full of little market stalls as well clothing shops and souvenir shops.

The ascent up to the top of the hill is a little tedious. Especially, if like us, you attempt it in winter. It had been snowing so the route up to the top was quite icy- make sure you have grip on your shoes as I did not. It certainly made it challenging! But it  was worth it. It doesn’t take long to climb but once you get to the top you get views like this.

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