Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Carrying on with the running theme of places to see, Budapest Zoo can definitely be added to the list. Now we hadn’t planned on visiting the zoo- but we sort of decided last minute, and we don’t regret it. You can do as much research as you like, but you will always find something to see or do that you didn’t even know existed.

The zoo is located past Heroes square, just a bit further down the road past the museum and Szecheyni Thermal Baths. If you have some spare time it is definitely worth spending a few hours here. Opening times are 9am- 4pm ticket prices for a standard adult are 2500 HUF which amounts to around £6.85- cheap right?! But a little tip for all of you, if you’re lucky enough to look like a student- ask for a student admission (1900HUF). You are supposed to have a specific student card but… she didn’t even bother checking to see if we were students. Bonus! Try your luck, every little helps.

I was surprised by the size of the zoo! It is separated into places across the globe. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but there were definitely more animals to see that I had originally assumed. There were reptiles, bugs, fish, giraffes, birds, elephants, penguins, seal’s and so much more. The place was well thought out- we didn’t miss a thing, and considering how much there is it’s impressive.

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Now it was so cold outside that all the animals were tucked up inside- but don’t worry- you are still able to see them all indoors. That’s what  I liked about this place, some zoo’s leave them indoors but you completely miss them! Not here, you are able to view all of them. If you head over to the Tiger enclosure you are in for a bit of a shock. At a first glance it almost looks as though a jeep has crashed into the glass and gone through it. Sheer moment of panic over when you look closer and see that the jeep has been cut in 2 and put up against the glass on each side… obviously. But it’s cool- take a look.

I’d say the only disappointing part of this visit was the fact that the gift shop was closed for restocking or something! I’m a child at heart so for me it was gutting. However, if you’re all finished inside the zoo, head back out and next door there is a little café that is linked to the zoo. The perfect place to warm up after, with a cup of tea and a croissant.

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