The Journey to Transylvania

Me and my friend had already booked a little trip to Nice and Monaco- but I still had 4 days off before that. So the obvious thing to do was book a holiday in before it. We couldn’t decide where, so we played a little game to make the choice easier. Adam has a map on his bedroom wall so we took it in turns, closed our eyes and put a pin on the map. Three goes each and we ended up with Transylvania. Luckily it was on my list of places to go.

Hilariously, after telling my friends about the trip some questioned me asking if Transylvania was even a real place! And I am glad that it is. We were flying at 9am from London- which meant leaving Nottingham at 5 am. I actually had a wedding so didn’t leave work until 2am… this would be fun. I got home, packed my carry on, painted my nails and had a 25 minute nap. That’s all I could manage apparently. So with severe sleep depravity we packed up the car and began the drive to London, with several red bulls in tow.

A little tip for anyone wanting to go to Romania- DO NOT FLY WITH WIZZ AIRLINES! From the beginning we had the worst experience with them it was actually shocking. The queue to check in was huge, as they were running late. We checked in our suitcase stupidly on our part not checking the size allowance for cabin bags. I had a little suitcase which had been fine for every single airline I’ve used previously for holidays. However, pre warning, in order to make money, the cabin bag allowance is tiny, and they have a large cabin bag option which you have to pay for. However, after seeing my cabin bag, the guy behind the desk didn’t say anything about it being too big- so I had no idea… until I tried to get on the plane. They also didn’t release the gate we were flying from until the boarding was supposed to be closed. And at no point did they give us any information regarding the delay. We finally started moving in the queue, which is when I was pulled to one side and told I would have to pay £40 to take my bag on the plane… as you can imagine my blood was boiling at this point. And it wasn’t just me, they did it to a lot of passengers. It was just a scam. The service didn’t get any better once on the plane either. Rant over- steer clear.

Bucharest isn’t the nicest, and the airport isn’t easy to navigate. But once we were on the bus heading for Brasov the journey was beginning to get easier. We arrived in Brasov and people really don’t give Romania enough credit. Brasov is beautiful.

img_0638The snow covered town oozes delicate charm and rolling hills for days. It really is the perfect little getaway. We stayed at a lovely 4* hotel in the hills called Hotel Belvedere. The hotel itself is lovely, the room was incredible. Although we asked for a twin room we were given a double- but we made it work, we simply couldn’t complain- the room was beautiful.

img_7308 img_7305 img_7304 img_7314 img_7313

We didn’t arrive at the hotel until past 8pm so we decided to stay in the hotel for dinner. First thing- the view from the windows is incredible. And apparently, we ended up eating at a Michelin star restaurant. Not sure if that was true but pretty cool if it was!

There was only one veggie dish which was a halloumi salad, but it was a taste sensation. They deserve 5 stars. Also they bring out a free appetiser which was a nice little surprise. And of course the service was excellent.

img_7318 img_7320

After dinner it was a quick walk down to the town to have a wander then an early night. It had been an incredibly long day!


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