Transylvania: Dracula Tour

As Cheesy and cliché as it may be, I was so excited to go to the famous ‘Dracula Castle’ otherwise known by its given name, Bran Castle. It is a national monument and landmark situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia Many consider this fortress to be associated with the Dracula legend, along with Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle, hence the nickname. But in actual fact it can’t be proven that Vlad the Impaler ever resided there.

Many know the castle as being made famous in Bram Stokers novel, Dracula. Which seems to be where the fandom originated from. Either way, it was absolutely fascinating to see.

The Castle was filled with antique furniture, some which was there when the castle was in use. It had armour, weapons, and a medieval torture chair which was absolutely disgusting to see. It was covered in metal spikes that would pierce the skin all over. It was truly horrifying to think that it was used on people!

Our next trip on the Dracula tour was Peles Castle. Now the castle itself wasn’t open so unfortunately we weren’t ale to go inside. Our guide did say that it is worth a visit though as the interior is spectacular. I thought the outside was incredible so I would definitely like to go back and go inside! Peles Castle has been used for filming for years, as it is such a beautiful scene, the castle and the back drop.

It is definitely worth a visit, If you want a cheap weekend away with los to see and do then book a flight to Brasov. You certainly won’t regret it!


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