Transylvania: Rasnov fort

On the Dracula tour, the final stop took us to Rasnov fort. Set 650 ft above Rasnov in the Carpathian Mountains, the saxon fortress was built as a place of refuge over long periods of time. It’s first mention being in 1331, but it could have been around for a significant amount of time before that. The views from the top are enough reason to take trip here. But it was also fascinating hearing about the history behind it. For example, our guide took us to a well situated inside the fortress. He lit a piece of paper on fire and dropped it into the well. We stood there watching, waiting for it to get to the bottom and it took an incredibly long time. 120 metres the well goes down. It was dug by hand in order to allow the people in the fortress to access water. Which is one of the few reasons why it wasn’t breached and they remained safe.

The views from the top are spectacular- you have to pay a small amount to get in, I think the equivalent was around £6 so it really isn’t much for such great views.

The tour in total took us around 5 hours, which really wasn’t bad for the price we paid for it. And we returned feeling filled with the history of Brasov and the surrounding areas. This tour is definitely worth doing, and the guides are great. Full of knowledge, great English and lovely company. It was a great day.


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  1. Too bad Rasnov isn’t promoted as much as it should, just or the view alone. With a little “facelift” and a cmart presentation, Rasnov could be one of the top attractions in the Brasov area.

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