Transylvania: Time to go home.

After our tour around Bran castle, Peles Castle and Rasnov fort- Our guide gave us his number and said him or his colleague would drive us the 2 and 1/2 hour journey to the airport. It cost us around 150 lei, whereas the train only costs 90 between us. So it was considerably more expensive- however, I would suggest the Dracula tour transfer a million times over. On the way, we decided to visit Draculas tomb. It may be clichĂ©, I was expecting an old cobweb vault with a huge stone coffin. I was incredibly wrong.

We stopped in a small, remote, somewhat run down part of Romania-  and got out the car. We walked over a frozen lake and across the other side was a beautiful monastery.

Inside the main room, was a sectioned off area of the stone floor. Here, below the stone was supposedly the body of Dracula or ‘Vlad the Impaler’ as he was more commonly known as.

  The guide said that it is not known if his body rests here or not. It could be here or another unknown location but I like to think it’s under the stone floor.

Romanian history is fascinating, and brutal at times. Our guide was very thorough with his knowledge, we left feeling satisfied with the trip. He even serenaded us on the way back with a Michael Buble classic. It was very entertaining. We loved every minute of the trip, everyone was so friendly and Transylvania is completely underrated for it’s beauty. I’d love to go back in summer to see what it’s like without all the snow!


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  1. Hi Hannah! You should definitly come back to Transylvania during the summer season and visit other cities as well, such as Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia. If you liked Brasov and it surroundings, you will also like the rest of the region.


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