Onto Nice: Part 1

After our travels to Transylvania, it was time to head home and prepare for the next trip… the day after. We had one day at home, to repack for some warmer weather, get an early night then up early to begin our next journey. Which took us to Nice, France. Nice has always been on my list since watching the 2010 film ‘Killers’ starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. It just looked incredibly beautiful and it seemed like a great place to relax.

As the flight was early morning, we ended up arriving in Nice far too early to check into our hotel. So we dropped our bags off and went to explore. Now, pre warning to anyone going in February. Obviously it is still classed as winter there, the locals were dressed in hats, jackets and scarfs but for us- it was the equivalent to a hot, English summer day. And I was dressed for English winter. I had all black on with heeled boots, polo neck top and a big fur gilet… Safe to say I regretted that choice relatively quickly.

Credit: Insta @ferney110 WordPress: exploringthewoods

After 20 minutes I was roasting, so I ditched the faux fur and we took a stroll down to the ocean. Just like I’d seen in the film, Nice is simply stunning.

It is a pebble beach, so comfort wise, I’d suggest taking a couple of blankets if you plan on having a beach day. We just sat for a while looking out at the ocean, it was serene. The water was so blue, and the beach was empty it was perfect.

Credit: Insta- @ferney110 WordPress- exploringthewoods
Credit: Insta- @ferney110 WordPress- exploringthewoods


We took a wander and came across several great viewpoints for photo opportunities. One had this #ILoveNice sign which was pretty cool. So we stopped here for some photos.


Credit: Insta- @ferney110 WordPress- ExploringtheWoods

We climbed what seemed like a million steps up to the top of the white building in the photo below- which took us to the best view point there.

I strongly suggest you make the climb and view Nice from up here, it is truly breath taking. For example…

We decided to take a break from the heat after this and have some refreshments. Stay tuned for part 2, the exploration continues. .

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