Onto Nice: part 2

After exploring in the sunshine for a while, we decided that we needed a break. All along the beach line there are little cafes and restaurants to choose from which was great. Considering I travel with my ex, it would’ve been rude not to get this picture … it certainly made everyone back home laugh.  We finally settled for a little café with a great view of the beach- we had a cold drink and a crepe and just took in the beauty of the place.

Feeling refreshed after our break, we set out to explore a bit more as we still had time to kill. Walking along the beach front is beautiful, the buildings are beautiful and just in general, it is such a lovely place.

    On the way down to the beach there is this beautiful flower market. It had so many stalls filled with exotic flowers. I was in heaven! And they were surprisingly cheap compared to flowers in England, I just wish I could’ve bought all of them.

So boys, if you end up going taking a trip to Nice, go to the flower market, wander around the stalls and buy your girl some beautiful flowers that for once won’t break the bank.

The time finally came to check in to the hotel and we were overjoyed- it was far too warm and I couldn’t wait to cool down.

We stayed at the Best Western Plus Hotel Massena Nice- location wise it was absolutely perfect. On arrival we were greeted by staff in costumes, we weren’t really sure what the theme was but it fitted with the decorations of the hotel. It was very quirky and alternative. The room that we stayed in was nice, it had an amazing balcony over looking the streets which provided the perfect opportunity for some photos.

We left the hotel in search of somewhere for dinner, and we came across the lovely little traditional Italian. I know I know, Italian in France? But being vegetarian in France can be difficult- not many vegetarian options, we found this in Paris too. So Italian was the safest option!

We had a lovely meal, then we took the short walk back to the hotel for some much needed rest after a long day of exploring. We woke up ready for the next adventure as we headed to Monaco. I will always suggest people go to Nice, I wish we could’ve spent more than one day there. It was a truly fantastic place.






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