Venturing around Monaco

After enjoying exploring the beautiful hotel- we freshened up and headed out to see what Monaco had to offer.

We started by wandering down to the harbour. The Aussie lady we met on the train raved about it. However, we didn’t really see the appeal, there were very few places to go. We found a little wine bar right down by all the yachts- we sat, had a 9 euro cappuccino and 25 euro cheeseboard and enjoyed just doing nothing for once.

We strolled around all the yachts admiring greatly. Then ventured up toward Monte Carlo Casino. Even I was astounded.

I love architecture, so the building itself was fantastic- and next door, the famous Hotel de Paris. But the main attraction had to be the millions of pounds worth of cars that were parked on the famous round about. Until this day, I never understood the fascination with cars, but my opinion drastically changed.

Here are just a few examples of what we saw whilst walking through at different times:


Safe to say Adam was like an excited child on Christmas morning- even I got a bit excited at the sight of a Bugatti Veyron! We wandered for a while to get our bearings- then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were starving after exploring!

As stated in the previous post, the concierge at the hotel was great. On his recommendation, he booked us a table for dinner at a restaurant called Avenue 31. It didn’t disappoint. We put on our best clothes and started the 20 minute walk down to the beach front where the restaurant was situated.

They greeted us graciously, took our coats and took us over to our table. The décor was, simplistic and elegant and the atmosphere was spot on. Price wise, wasn’t too bad- we didn’t mind splashing out a bit. Adam even decided to get a bottle of his favourite champagne- Veuve Clicquot. When in Monaco ey! Surprisingly, it cost 90 euros- we thought it would be so much more than that! All together it came to just under 200 euros with the champagne. This was our one night to splash out and we did just that.

It was so good there that we even returned there the night after for dinner. It’s a great restaurant. Check it out if you’re ever in Monaco, I definitely give it 5 stars.

We had a lovely stroll back to the hotel and got ready for a full day of exploring tomorrow.

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