Monaco: Casino de Monte Carlo

It became clear to me whilst watching the 2011 movie Monte Carlo that Monaco was the place to be for a little bit of luxury. I immediately added it onto my bucket list, it certainly didn’t disappoint. The Monte Carlo casino is something of a myth. A hangout for the rich and famous, you can only dream of walking inside and seeing it for yourself. I was excited for Sunday night when we dressed up and ventured to the casino after dinner.

Walking up to the steps, I felt excited, your ID is checked on entering the building as expected. But you also feel a sense of judgement from the staff, they almost look you up and down to make sure you’re almost worthy enough to come inside. I was a little anxious when I walked in but apparently we made the cut.

I’ve only ever been to one casino before, so I didn’t have much to compare it to, this casino was incredible. The interior was just as fantastic as the exterior, with huge chandeliers , a huge glass roof, and big marble columns. It felt like a palace inside.

Note: You aren’t actually allowed to take photos inside… I got told off but they didn’t make me delete it, so if you want one, be sneaky about it.

Now with it being a Sunday night, it was actually rather empty. Probably around 15 people in there, I’d say Friday and Saturday nights are the best time to go. We headed over to the bar to grab a drink before Adam chose what game he wanted to play. Beware, obviously with it being the Monte Carlo casino, drinks were… expensive doesn’t cover it. I had a bellini, usually about £8 in the UK, 19 Euros! And I believe Adams whiskey was 10-12 euros for a single. But we kind of expected it, so it didn’t put us off.

We wandered around, he scouted games, I admired the furnishings and he settled on Blackjack. I was surprised how good he was actually, he played, I held onto the chips and advised when to quit, which the member of staff watching found hilarious. It was good team work. He walked away with 150 euros that he didn’t walk in with so it was a good evening. And he even gave me a cut. It was a great night.

Some take it very seriously, we were in there for a bit of fun. There was a woman in there playing on the same blackjack table who had stacks of 1000 euro chips. She was definitely playing for the money. You could also tell as well that the people in there were made of money. It was interesting to see how the other half live. The nice thing about Monaco, was that at no point we didn’t feel like we didn’t fit in. We went to all these amazing places that might be aimed towards the richer cliental but we were treated as they were. It was surprising. It’s all in the attitude, and dressing smart definitely helps.

I’d say the Monte Carlo casino should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list even if you only go once in your lifetime. It truly is fantastic, the cars on the famous roundabout just outside make it a double whammy. Go, you won’t regret it.

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