Monaco: The next morning 

I couldn’t even attempt to express how said I was to start packing the next morning to leave. Two nights in Monaco was simply not enough. We woke up early in order to get a bit more sight seeing in before we headed on our way home. We took a stroll right across the other side to where we had been the past two days, and without even realising- the restaurant we went to both nights was actually pretty much on the beach. We were astonished, as we’d only gone in the evening it was pitch black every time we went inside and the sea must’ve been silent. But after two days of searching we finally found the beach people constantly write about. 

Im actually quite gutted we didn’t find it sooner- it was beautiful. Definitely could’ve done with a beach day! But we enjoyed exploring and we stopped at a little beach cafe for some refreshments. 

We sat on the beach with a banana sundae and a refreshing cool drink, watched the ocean before we had to head back to the hotel. And of course we had to stop for some photos along the way! 

We had to pull ourselves away from the beach and check out of the beautiful hotel- much to my dismay. It was time to get the train back to Nice to catch our flight. 

Monaco was by far one of my favourite places I’ve visited so far, I’m sure I’ll go back one day. 2 days just wasn’t enough time to get everything in! I’d definitely say if you’re wanting a bit of luxury then this is the place to be. Stay at the Hotel Hermitage, eat at Avenue 31 and explore to your hearts content. 

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