Iceland: the beginning 

So in March 2017, me, my sister Sarah and her friend Laura decided to take a weekend off and go explore Iceland for a few days. I’m glad we did. 

We got the train to Birmingham as flights were cheaper from there, and boarded the plane to Keflavik Airport. From the minute we stepped off the plane there was snow- I was in my element. 

We’d organised a transfer from the airport to drop us off at our hostel in Reykjavik which for the price was well worth it. 

We stayed at the Bus Hostel, which was about 37km away from Keflavik airport. The hostel itself was in the perfect location, it took about 15 mins to walk into to the centre, to the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. This may I add is a definite must see. The hostel was cheap, slept 8 so we shared with other travellers. Bathrooms were clean, but the lockers weren’t very big, not big enough to put a rucksack or case in which was annoying and no locks. So take a lock and just put your valuables in! The hostel had some great quirks, nice place to stay for the value. 

We dumped our stuff and decided to get wrapped up and wander around to see what we could find. Within 15 mins we came across Hallgrimskirjka. 

Just around here there were some lovely little cafes to stop and have a warm cup of tea and a crepe. We managed to find an English couple and started chatting to them which was really nice! Didn’t live too far either, it’s a small world. After that we carried on until we tired ourselves out and found somewhere for dinner. Reykjavik is expensive, people don’t exaggerate about that. It was almost he equivalent of £8 for a beer, and the food was just as expensive! So bare that in mind if plan on going! 

Stay tuned for part 2 

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