Reykjavik: Exploring the city

After an incredibly relaxing afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, we got back on the coach and headed back to the Hostel in preparation for some exploring. We got changed and made the short walk from the hostel to the centre. We took to wandering to see what we could find. In all honesty, we didn’t actually find that much to do. But we ended up walking all the way down to the waterfront which was breath taking.

We strolled around the shops enjoyed the view for a while then as the sun started to set and the temperature dropped we decided it was time for dinner. I did a bit of research to see where we could go and eventually settled on a place called ROK. It was this really modern quirky restaurant that did some great Icelandic tapas.

They had a good amount of vegetarian dishes available, my favourite by far was this Icelandic cheese dish. It was melted cheese, with honey and almonds with bread. It tasted absolutely amazing. All of mine were great to be honest the garlic mushrooms on toasted bread was a definite close second. We each had a glass of Icelandic wine which was also amazing. This place is a definite must go if you aren’t on a budget. I can’t remember how expensive it actually was but I know it wasn’t cheap. It was the most we had spent on a dinner whilst we were there. We stayed for a couple of hours, the atmosphere was lively, good company and great food.

All in all it was a pretty perfect day!


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