The Golden Circle

Whilst on the train to Birmingham airport, I did a bit of research into the things we could do in Iceland. I came across a tour from the company Grayline, who do various excursions around the beautiful country. It cost us approximately £80 each for a day trip around The Golden Circle. We had a mini bus pick us up in the morning from our hostel to take us to the main coach that we would be on for the next 8 hours. We visited: Þingvellir National Park: Alþingi, Gullfoss waterfall, Hvítárgljúfur canyon, and Geysir hot spring area.

We got off the coach at the National park and went for a stroll through the Icelandic countryside. The views were to die for. I could’ve spent hours there just wandering but we were limited to time. We still managed to get in some amazing photos though.


The National park had amazing views, but the waterfall was even better. As we went in March, temperatures were still freezing. We walked to the top of the waterfall, so the cold along with strong winds made our visit absolutely bitter. I removed my gloves to take photos and within seconds I couldn’t feel my fingers, so word to the wise, wrap up!

After braving the cold for no longer than 20 minutes (that’s all we could manage) we hopped back on the coach to warm up and headed to, possibly my favourite part of the day trip, Geysir. It didn’t seem like we were even travelling on the coach for long, I was probably mesmerised by the stunning scenery.

I have always been fascinated by volcanic activity, and I have never experienced anything like a Geysir before- it was magical. I could’ve stayed there all day.

The eruptions of hot steam occurred every few minutes and I waited around so that I could get the perfect selfie- of course. My sister and Laura headed to the gift shop and café whilst I waited patiently.

Although I almost regretted it thanks to strong sulphur smell. it was so bad I couldn’t help but laugh.

I would seriously suggest that you pair a trip to Iceland with a Grayline tour. There are so many you can choose from, as we were only there for 3 days we could only do this one. Ones on my list to do when I go back are whale watching and the northern lights!

It was really good value for the money and you get to see so much. Don’t miss out!



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