Holiday to Rhodes in the Lindos Royal Hotel (Review) 

We booked this holiday at the beginning of May which is quite last mintue so the selection wasn’t the best. However, after looking through photos we finally landed on the Lindos Royal Hotel. Booking the holiday through Jet 2 was relatively easy. Although they threw us through a hoop when they emailed 2 weeks before our holiday to say that there is a hotel being built next to ours.

Obviously this wasn’t what we wanted to hear and it resulted in a calm but slightly irritated phone call to Jet 2. I expressed the annoyance of receiving an email like that 2 weeks before as they clearly knew it was being built all along- and we thought that should have been mentioned upon booking as we would’ve chosen somewhere else. She explained that the main structure was up and any disturbance would be visual not noise related. Following the phone call I said I would judge it when I arrive as we have paid £1700 for this ‘all inclusive’ holiday.

Flight times weren’t great, so we didn’t land in Rhodes until 9pm, then we had an hour and 50 mintues on a coach transfer to the hotel. It was a long day and we got there around midnight. As they sorted our paperwork out we were given a complimentary orange juice and sandwich- although the sandwich was ham and cheese, which as a veggie wasn’t exactly great. The Bell boy was great, he took our cases, and showed us to our room pointing out where everything was along the way. We were taken to a room that clearly hadn’t been stayed in before, everything was new- which didn’t look anything like the photos of the room we booked. At first it felt like an upgrade so we accepted it as a win. But as we looked closer at the room there were various issues.

It looked like a nice room but on closer inspection it seemed as though they had rushed to get it finished and get us in there.

For example:

Holes in the wall

Shower head was hanging out

Tiles were broken and unfinished
The shower was a bad design, if you put it on full it flooded the whole room and the hallway outside. We had to use our towels to clean it up.

We had an issue with ants, I put all my underwear and bikinis in the cabinet next to the bed and I woke up picked up my bikinis and they were full of ants.

So our theory of the rooms being rushed was correct. The second annoyance came when they decided to refurbish all the other side of the hallway and not warn us. Every single room opposite was being redone- drilling things into walls, constant noise from staff, builders. Again, something that would have been nice to be warned about. There was also rubbish everywhere from the rooms blocking the pathway to get in.

The food was mediocre, for meat eaters there was quite a selection for them to choose from but for anyone with dietaries it’s a bit more difficult. Being veggie, I ended up eating a lot of salad, bread and eggs.

I’d say the best thing for me was the breakfast buffet!

The buffet varies from day to day but not massively, my only saving grace was the member off staff constantly making pizza every day. The buffet hall was included in the price along with soft drinks, house wine and house beer. Very standed selection.

I wouldn’t suggest heading for dinner between 8 and 8.30pm, it is incredibly packed. The waiting staff were too busy setting tables for us to get drinks, the queues were massive and we were constantly waiting for everything. And then if you go after 9pm the selection really isn’t great as they stop topping things up. It was not made clear upon checkin about our food options, being all inclusive. They had 2 on site restaurants too that were apparently included which we confirmed 2 days before the end of the holiday. However the catch was, no drinks what so ever were included in either and it was a set menu so you couldn’t even choose what you’d like, just whether you want meat fish or veggie main. And in all honesty the food wasn’t anything to rave about. We were disappointed in general.

Where to start with the pools. In photos, the pools look delightful! it was one of the things that drew us to choose this hotel in the first place.


However, there were many annoyances we found whilst there.

  1. The ‘Adults only’ pool is NOT adults only. There were actually more kids in it than in the other pools. Guests and their blatant disregard for rules. But, there are no life guards, or staff of any kind around the pools to enforce this
  2. If you don’t go down for a sun lounger around 8am, you will not get one. And then in all honesty, you’re pretty much screwed for the rest of the day unless you want to pay for one at the beach.
  3. Many of the pools you can’t actually go in…
  4. with them re furbishing the rooms, a staff member thought it would be a great idea to start slicing tiles with a very loud electric saw, right by the pool where we were supposed to be relaxing on holiday.
  5. With their being no staff around, no one stop inconsiderate guests bringing their own speakers to the pool and blasting everyone with what sounded like polish music.
  6. The section between the renovated rooms where we were staying and the very short walk down to the pool absolutely stunk of sewage. it was disgusting.

It’s safe to say, we didn’t particularly have a good stay here. The staff were fine, lack of care in general, the experience wasn’t nice. You can go to hotels where staff really care, they interact with you and you can chat. Not in this case, it was almost like they just wanted to get people in and out as quick as they could. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday I would not suggest this hotel at all.

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