Review: Dinner at Melenos Lindos 

We decided to splash out a bit on our second to final night. On the suggestion from a local who owns a shop Matt bought a watch in, he said the Melenos hotel is a 5* restaurant that is definitely worth visiting. I explained I was veggie, he said he knew the manager and they are that good that if I don’t like something on the menu they would make something for me. I wanted to double check this as being veggie is hard sometimes. I went onto the website, and they don’t put the menu on there which I think is bad to start with. So I went to trip advisor which it stated was vegetarian and vegan friendly. The staff were lovely on arrival they took us to our table and asked if we wanted water to start. The views are to die for, it was the perfect setting for a romantic meal for 2. However upon opening the menu it was clear they didn’t provide for vegetarians. I asked what was vegetarian and the waiter didn’t know so sent over someone else. He said they don’t do a veggie menu, but I could have a starter or a salad… for a 5* restaurant you would expect more. 

I went for a starter then a salad as a main, safe to say I was not impressed. There were maybe 3 vegetarian starters. I opted for chargrilled vegetables with cheese as the other option was goats cheese which I really don’t like. 

I literally received a plate of vegetables, no sauce, and the cheese was a strange bland mousse like thing on the bottom of the plate. I’m sorry to say it was horrible. I’ve never tasted anything so dry and bland in my life. 

I’ll give the 5* for presentation, all the food looked great! 

I chose the mixed tomato salad, with it being called a salad, I stupidly expected some salad. This is what I received: 

Literally a plate of tomatoes. I ate about half until I gave up, there’s only so many tomatoes a person can eat. When the waiter came over to clear, he asked if everything was okay, so I was honest. I said my partners was amazing, but I was incredibly disappointed. Not a single main course was vegetarian and that they have this amazing reputation but all they can offer is a plate of vegetables. To be frank, it’s pretty appalling considering the amount of vegetarians nowadays. 

On the the other hand, to be fair to them, I can imagine that if you ate meat it would be amazing! My boyfriend had this crab and lobster ravioli which he said was the nicest seafood he’s ever had! So we had a mixed view of the restaurant. 

I really enjoyed the complimentary bread and dips they send out, and the rose wine we had would have to be the highlight of the meal for me, including the lovely views whilst we ate. What made the experience even worse for me was the price at the end, after the complaint they didn’t offer to do anything like you would in England, so I ended up paying 30 euros for 2 plates of vegetables. The bill came to €127, and even though I didn’t enjoy the experience we tipped, so €140 altogether. 

I would highly suggest that if you have an dietary requirements to find a different restaurant as you pay a lot for nothing. It didn’t ruin my night though, was happy to be out with my lovely boyfriend and it was certainly a learning curve! Don’t want fellow veggies to make the same mistake! 

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