Europe: Day 2, Exploring Geneva

I woke up and had a chat with a lady that checked in after I went to bed. She was from Vietnam, 45 with 2 kids which I did not believe, she looked so much younger! She is a pretty impressive lady actually. She studied medicine in Vietnam, then did her masters in Thailand and eventually went on to do her PhD in Japan which is now where they live. She was here for a medical conference for 8 days. This is possibly the only thing I enjoy about hostels. Meeting new people from across the globe, learning about their life–its truly fascinating! She entertained me for the next few days which was nice, took my mind off the fact I’ll be essentially alone for the next 2 months.

I woke up early, luckily breakfast was included in the price (thank god, it was expensive for what it was) and served between 6.30 and 9. Very basic stuff but I’m not complaining. I decided to get ready and just walk, keep wandering until I came across something interesting, first thing I found by accident? Lake Geneva, worked out pretty well for me.

It was absolutely stunning with the morning sun shining down on the surprisingly clear blue water.

I walked along the shoreline taking in the view and sunshine until I gazed upon the famous Jet D’eau shooting up out the opposite end of the lake. It really is something! I obviously took the opportunity to take some photos. How could I not?

One thing that stood out to me in Geneva was the buildings. There were so many old beautiful buildings. Its exactly what you would expect to see, old roofs and traditional Shutters on the windows.

One rule about backpacking? Google maps is life. I would not be surviving without it! I loaded maps and went in search for something on my Geneva bucket list. I headed to the St Pierre’s Cathedral, I was doing well I had already ticked off three places by 11 a.m.

St Pierre’s Cathedral is stunning, it is definitely a must-see if you are in Geneva. You don’t have to pay to go inside and it’s a relatively quick trip.

Afterwards I went and sat in a nearby park that looked over Geneva, it was beautiful. I sat there writing in my journal, apparently I can pull off being Swiss. Various tourists kept coming to me and asking for help and directions, and of course I always did what I could.

I strolled around the Old Town browsing at all of the shops and restaurants, and realized I’ve been out for hours and haven’t eaten anything I ended up having to get a toasted sandwich at Starbucks. Not exactly trying the Swiss cuisine now am I? Being vegetarian and Switzerland is hard. Everything is obviously in French and they don’t really cater too well for veggies. If they do it tends to just be some form of goats cheese. If you know me well enough, you know that I hate goats cheese. Not ideal. It had been a very long day consisting of lots of walking, So by 4 p.m I gave up. I grabbed some snacks from a grocery store and turned in for the night. I’m thinking an early night and a late morning tomorrow.

One thought on “Europe: Day 2, Exploring Geneva

  1. What a wonderful way to highlight the beautiful places you visit.
    I enjoy reading and seeing such wonderful, interesting places through your journey. Thank you for sharing!
    A fan!

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