Europe: Day 3, Geneva continued

I decided to lie in, I had a rather lazy start to the morning compared to others. It was just nice to have the room to myself for a change. I was a bit unsure what to do for the day, as I’d actually ticked everything off my list yesterday… So, I got ready and just walked. I ended up at Starbucks as that was the only place I could find to eat at, grabbed a latte and sat by the lake contemplating life. I was messaging my lovely friend Issy at the time and she suggested that I head to the botanical Gardens. I took her advice and headed there. It took about 31 minutes to walk from the centre. I walked absolutely everywhere in Geneva, its doable if you like exercise.

Geneva was unusually warm for October, Judy the lady who owns the villa I stayed in said that I bought the sunshine with me! I stripped down to my strappy top because it was just too warm, and all I packed were clothes ready for the Arctic really. During the walk I came across some steps down to the lake, it was filled with swans, they were beautiful so I obviously had to stop and take photos, I love animal photography.

I only just managed to pull myself away and stop taking photos. I walked all the way up to this broken chair monument, there wasnt any information about it but I wasn’t really impressed, its supposedly something you have to see whilst in Geneva.

I headed to the botanical garden after this, which made up for the disappointment of the chair. The gardens are an actual must see, so thanks Issy. It’s free to enter and the space is big! It isnt just a botanical garden it also had a kids park and animals too. I wandered slowly enjoying the tranquility of the garden.

The plan after was to go and watch the sunset on a small beach called baby plague back on the other side of the lake. It took me ages to walk, I finally got there and it was closed for renovation… Just my luck ey? I went to see the Jet D’eau up close and personal instead. You can walk under it, it gets a bit wet, but I obviously did it anyway.

The wind it caused was mad, but I enjoyed it all the same. Ticked off the list. I watched the sun set on the stairs of Lake Geneva breathing it all in before I head off to Zurich tomorrow. Note to self: do not by wine in Switzerland, 14CHF for a medium rose. Was very upsetting when I got the bill.

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