Europe: Day 4, Onto Zurich

I started the morning tired. Thanks to my various hostel remates, I had the worst night sleep in the world. Between the five of them it was almost like a snoring symphony. Definitely not a perk to staying in hostels. I went straight down stairs to have breakfast and then back up to finish packing. I had a very nice chat with the German lady staying in my room. I found her fascinating, every couple of years she plans this massive solo hike which takes her six weeks, through various different countries. She was an impressive lady. I picked up my bags and made my way to the train station.

Now I was still trying to figure out this interrail thing. The site wouldn’t let me reserve a seat to go to Zurich so I just got on no questions asked. The Swiss must be very trusting, not once did I see anyone checking tickets and not a single person has asked me to see my interrail pass. The journey from Geneva to Zurich took around 2 hours and 45 minutes and when I finally got that I decided to get an Uber as the Air B&B was a 39 minute walk up into the mountains. Going from experience, I could approximately handle 15 minutes of walking with my heavy bags without collapsing into a ball. Just kidding, but no joke they were very heavy.

Judy’s Villa is absolutely beautiful. I found out that it took her 2 years to renovate a villa built in the 1800’s to what it is now. She tried to keep it as original as possible.

Me, Judy and her sister got a drink and sat outside in the sunshine and got to know each other. They’re a wonderful family, eight siblings all together and they’re originally from the Philippines. They are both impressive, Judy’s sister makes jewelry she’s an art enthusiast with a gallery and she works with French fashion designers. She was telling me how her late husband would spend fortunes on artwork and every weekend he love to drive so he drove to a new city or country with her. She is a well-traveled lady and I found her stories fascinating. After chatting with them for a while Judy shave me my room again it was beautiful. My mum would have absolutely loved this place, I got changed and set out to explore. I was meeting my friend’s sister Ting for food and drinks so I killed time in a park journaling my day. Note to self: no matter how warm it is, always take a jumper, the temperature dropped drastically.

Ting took me to this quirky place called Frau Gerold’s Garten. It was an outdoor bar on some rooftop decking so it had a pretty good view!

I can imagine that in summer it’s icredibly popular. The service however was appalling. It wasn’t even busy, after 30 minutes our food didn’t come out so Ting went over to chase it, they said it was coming and not to worry. Another 30 minutes passed and still nothing, Ting went over again turns out they lost our ticket. They gave us free wine so we were happy.

It was really great to see Ting, I hadn’t seen her in a long time, a small piece of home in a strange country for me. After a good catchup we planned to meet for drinks Friday with some of her friends which would be nice. So we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the villa.

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