Europe: Day 5, Zurich part 2

I slept like a baby after my terrible nights sleep in the hostel the night before. I woke up and went downstairs to a wonderful breakfast spread. Judy really knows how to run a B&B. Whilst I was having breakfast I managed to have a chat with a Swiss French guest staying in another room, and she suggested I go to the zoo. It was on my list of things to do and with her after her recommendation I was sold. It was only a 16 minute walk from The Villa to the zoo so I couldn’t go wrong. For an adult ticket it came to 26CHF which is about equivalent to £20.50. So cheaper than London Zoo!

It is a big zoo, but I was surprised by the layout, there didn’t seem to have been much thought into the design. Nothing joined up, it was easy to miss things and if you walk into something you have to walk back the way you came just to get out again… I did my best to see it all though.

One of my favourite parts was seeing these penguins. This guy at the front loved the attention he was getting, the others were being fed. It made everyone giggle.

My absolute part has to be the essentially rainforest they’d created. In this massive dome stood various trees and in them was a walkway. It was fantastic. I spent ages in there.

I can imagine it’s popular for families it’s definitely aimed towards them. Food options were good for people in general. Lots in different places. Luckily I found this Thai place that did vegan noodles-finally somewhere I can eat! But as Ting said, the Swiss can’t do Asian food and she was right, nothing on Bauhinia Ting!

I spent about 3 and a half hours there and gave up, my legs were killing from all the walking.

I decided to visit 1 more place before I called it a day. I’d read about this botanical garden, obviously on the other side of Geneva. I walked there and I can honestly say it wasn’t worth it! I was expecting it to be as great as the one I went to in Geneva but it was nothing like it. The only good thing that came out of it is that I sat down and wrote some postcards to send home. I eventually figured out this tram system to save my legs a bit. 8.80CHF (£6.77)can get you a 24 hour ticket. This can be used as often as you like in those 24 hours and can be used on any public transport, tram train bus boat etc. It costs me £5.50 to get to town and back at home! One thing I can credit the Swiss on is there amazing transport. Always on time too! Heard Judy come into the villa so headed down to say hi. She told me more amazing stories about her family and life and she wanted to see the photos I took. She thinks I should go into photography.

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