Europe: Day 6, Zurich part 3

In all honesty, I had a bit of a lazy start to the morning. I woke up, went downstairs for breakfast in my pj’s and met a new guest-was kind of regretting the clothing attire at this point. She was from Lusanne in Switzerland so hadn’t travelled far. She explained she was a facial surgeon and I’m pretty sure my jaw must’ve hit the floor. I didn’t think she looked any older than me! She had said that she has studied all these years and I had to ask… She was actually 32! I still didn’t believe it. She was a impressive lady, and she thought I was impressive for taking the plunge, quitting my job and travelling alone… She definitely won the impressive battle obviously.

Judy obviously asked for a photo the day I come down in m Pj’s without makeup, but how could I say no.

I’d pretty much seen everything on my list of things to do in Zurich, so I took a bit of time to go through photos and write in my journal. I had lunch at the villa to save me some money (is a must in Switzerland) and headed out later on.

The went to tick of the final 3 things so headed to Lindenhof Hill to see the view of Zurich. Its quite lovely, I’d say this is a must if you have some time to kill, and doesn’t cost anything!

After I headed to Fraumunster church. I took photos from the outside but did not go in as you have to pay and you aren’t allowed to take photos! That just ruins my fun.

For dinner, I had booked a table at, Hiltl. Which according to the Guinness world records, is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. And is one of the reasons I wanted to go to Zurich in the first place.

It was busy, as I can imagine it always is. There weren’t any tables left between 5.30-10pm so I had to go for 5pm which actually worked out well for me. They have a casual dining area for the buffet. This is self service and they charge you per 100g so could potentially be dangerous! At the back of the restaurant past the buffet was the dining area. I was in heaven, finally food I could eat without worrying. Menu was great, various options which made me happy. I actually couldn’t decide what to have. I treated myself to a glass of prosecco whilst I debated. Prices were pretty standard for Switzerland, but I didn’t mind paying it for this!

They opened in 1898 and have been the longest running vegetarian restaurant ever. The atmosphere inside was great, I went by myself and I didnt feel like anyone wa looking at me strange, which they do sometimes. They didn’t have music playing, but in all honesty they didn’t need it. It was busy enough that it created plenty of background noise.

I finally landed on the vegetarian bacon and cheese burger. It was without a doubt, the best thing I have ever tasted. It was so realistic and tasted amazing.

You could just tell that everything was fresh and homemade. 5* from me. I would even suggest for meat eaters to go try it. I wonder if I could persuade Matthew to try it ha! I got the bill and headed back to the villa to pack before I went to meet Ting.

This was the first time I’d been out in the dark, and it was cold, and a bit creepy in all honesty. The villa was up in the hills and it was like a ghost town! I was happy to get on the tram. We were meeting at a hotel called 25 hours. The bar inside was surprisingly busy, and it had a good vibe. Tings friends are wonderful, so easy to talk to and get on with! It was fun, we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the villa. It was nearly 1am so my tram had stopped, I had to ended up getting an uber, not ideal. But I got back in one piece, ready to head to Austria in the morning.

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