Europe: Day 7, From Zurich to Innsbruck

Woke up pretty tired, it’s becoming an ongoing part of this trip. I went down for my final breakfast at Judy’s in Zurich, where I ended up having breakfast with the new guest Holgar. Again, he was fascinating. Very happy to chat and meet new people, he’s from Germany, and he was in Zurich because he had been head hunted for a job in banking. So he was here for the interview. We traded stories of travels over coffee and toast and he gave me some advice about some countries I’ll be visiting which was helpful! I’m always happy for a bit of advice.

I finished packing, said my goodbyes to Rosa (the housekeeper) and Holgar and headed to the train station. It took around 3 and a 1/2. I slept for about half of that, and just admired the mountains for the rest. I ended up getting a taxi from the train station as it was a 35 minute walk, 10 euros so not bad at all considering the hostel is on the outskirts of Innsbruck.

I opted for a private room in the Marmota hostel, just so that I could get some sleep. I’m a pretty awful sleeper, any bit of noise and I wake up. So staying in a room with noisy strangers doesn’t really work well for me. It had an ensuite too which was great!

I dumped all my things and went to ask reception about this Innsbruck card I had read about.

I went for the 72 hour card. The 72 hours start from when you purchase the card, so buy it at the right time! It included everything. All forms of public transport are included so trams and buses which was great. It also included free access to all the tourist sights, including a return trip up the mountains which alone costs 35 euros so you really do save a lot of money considering the card was 59 euros and each tram ride is 3 euros. I would really suggest buying one if you’re spending a few days exploring.

I researched where I could go for food, I wasn’t sure if Austria would as hard to find veggie food as Switzerland. I used my trusty helper (Google maps) and the first thing that came up? Hard Rock Cafe, vegan friendly. That was good enough for me I hadn’t eaten in 9 hours. I grabbed my stuff and headed straight there. I decided to make the 40 minute walk back to the hotel just so I could have a browse at some shops on the way. One thing was for sure, Innsbruck was incredibly pretty.

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