Europe: Day 9, Swarovski World

Today a was the day I’d been waiting for. SWAROVSKI WORLD. If anybody actually knows me well enough, they know I love everything that sparkles. I get called a magpie, and I’m completely fine with it.

There is a Swarovski shuttle bus from the train station every 2 hours, the first one being 8.20am. I got the 10.20 bus. You can’t miss the bus, it has the photo on it with Swaroski written across the front! There is a shuttle back every 2 hours too so it’s easy to get there and back! The Innsbruck card pays for the shuttle which should be 9.80 euros, and also gets you inside too. You still need to queue and get a ticket though!

The first thing you see when you go on is this, which is quite well known across the world now.

As if I wasn’t excited enough, I headed inside to see what they had to offer. The first section you walk into is called mechanical theatre. It was bizarre, but fantastic. It was done by a designer to basically be a fashion show but mechanical. Take a look at the photos and videos and you’ll know what I mean.

Check out the size of this crystal that was bigger then my hand, it was crazy. And my hand is about 3/4 of a metre above the giant rock too.

Following the mechanical theatre followed my favourite by far, the Crystal dome. It was absolutely magnificent to step into. I spent absolutely ages in there.

Inside the walls, Swaroski works of art kept lighting out. The whole place is almost like an exhibition of art, of things Swarovski have helped to create.

The next room was also my favourite. It was like stepping into christmas. And as you all know, I live for Christmas. You walk into this winter wonderland, with this giant ice tree all made of thousands of Swarovski crystals. I was speechless. It was constantly turning so the sparkle that came from it was spectacular.

Here are some photos of all the other rooms:

Before you get to the shop, you hit a room called treasures. This had clothing and jewellery throughout history created by Swarovski. It was absolutely fantastic to see.

The prize jewel for me?

Cinderellas glass slipper from Disney recent remake. I was in my element.

Following this, you head into a massive shop. Matthew treated me to a promise ring that we’d looked at in London but didn’t have my size, and I treated myself to this lovely.

I had thought I’d finished, but head outside there’s more, I nearly missed it!

Even though you’ve seen photos, the photos don’t do it justice. I’d definitely suggest visiting if you’re in Austria! It was a great trip.

I was back in Innsbruck by 2.30pm so decided to wander around the shops for a bit. I really wish I had more pace in my bag so I could get some gifts! I headed back late afternoon to have a relaxed evening after an exciting day.

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