Europe: Day 11, Onto Hallstatt

I had an early start this morning. I was out of the hostel by 7am to go get my train. There was no direct train from Innsbruck to Hallstatt so I had to get 3 different ones and didn’t get there until 2pm. The weather outside was horrific, I know I said I missed home but that did not mean I wanted the English weather to follow me. Torrential rain and strong winds meant that my day was wet and cold.

I finally reached my air B&B room, dumped my things, and made sure I was ready for the rain. I was staying in Obertraun, which is about 4 minutes on the train to get to. I could use my interrail pass every time so I did not have to pay extra for train tickets. When you get off the train at Hallstatt, you have to get to boat across the lake which cost 5 Euros for a return ticket.

Although it was still pouring it down with, I made the best of it. My first port of call was the church which holds the Charnell House. Its very easy to findyou get off the boat and turn right, then follow the signs up. It was 1.50 euros to enter, and they give you information in various languages. In all honesty I was expecting more. It was a tiny room, although don’t get me wrong it was fascinating to read about.

1500 skeletons removed from their final resting place 10-15 years after their deaths. All done because of lack of space in the graveyard. The bones were bleached in the sun for days to remove any signs of leftover decomposition. The skulls were then painted as a sign of love and respect with their name and date of death. They stopped this practice a whole ago, with more people now choosing to be cremated. With the last skull being put in in 1995 and her request upon her death.

You only need about 10 minutes to read the information, then I headed back out into the rain. I wandered for as long as I could, taking photos of the beautiful town before I got too cold.

I found a local food shop to get supplies and headed back to to get the train, which I had to wait 35 minutes for. The weather was getting worse and the forecast wasn’t looking any better for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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