Europe: Day 14, Exploring Salzburg

As always, I had an awful nights sleep, but that is a given when you’re a light sleeper staying in a room of snoring strangers. The Yoho international hostel offer free toast and jam every morning. You can pay 4 euros for a meat and cheese selection too, but as a veggie it wasn’t suitable. I had another chat with my pal from Hong Kong as he was leaving today, then headed out into the rain to explore.

If you are looking for a unique experience in Salzburg, I would suggest visiting a place called Foto Anno 1900. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy history, why not take a step back in time and see yourself in the past. It is a photography studio, where they dress you up in old clothing and take an antique photo of you. Cheesy I know, but when else would you get an opportunity to see yourself like this? For 30 euros you get 2 prints. It was fun, she dressed me up to look like a classy, elegant lady and then it was time for the photoshoot to begin. It was a little bit awkward as anyone walking past can watch, safe to say I got a little self conscious. But it was good fun and I got some great photos out of it.

I debated going to the fortress at the top of Salzburg, but the poor weather and the fact that I had wet feet meant that clearly had a whole in my boot, made me head back to the hostel. Every night, the hostel played the sound of music in the chill out area, so my evening was sorted. How could I not?

I had a very quick phonecall with pops before the movie started, it was so great to hear his voice, and he loved the photos which was great. The movie started and I was in my element. Then I headed to bed praying for better weather tomorrow.

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